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IPTV in Serbia

: 11-02-14 : 11-08     : IPTV in Serbia

Hi first sory but I am from Serbia and I dont know Russian language,one question iptv player is very good and I using player for net tv plus,channels from Serbia.How I can change channels logo and add epg from my country in IPTV player.Thank you,spasiba preved

// place "Channel Name.bmp" 24x24px into Program Files\IP-TV Player\Icons\
// there are no free public comaptible sources of EPG for europe as far as I know

: 11-02-14 : 11-53     : Re: IPTV

zeljko ():
How I can change channels logo and add epg from my country in IPTV player.

Go to "" (Settings), Mark " " (all settings), specify the local path " " (address of the channel list - file *.m3u) and local path to the file ""
This archive ( contains the Logo (*.bmp) and EPG.

Good luck

// ...
// nice... but there are no EPG sources for europe at all

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: 11-02-14 : 23-05     : iptv

Thank you everybody,stiil no logo or epg from my channel list,using my m3u list and in xbmc and simple tv player logo and epg work ok but in IPTV is not comming,under Tv guide I enter http://epg and this address work good for Serbian channels in Simple tv player but in IPTV I still have some Russian guide and icons from Russian channels.In folder user/c/iptv/I dont have folder with icons,do I need to make one.Thank you

// yes you need to create "Icons" folder next to IpTvPlayer.exe
// IP-TV Player does not support XMLTV and there are no sources for european EPG in JTV
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